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The Western Trek

In August 2004 a group of fourteen people including a tour leader set off on a two week trek around the South West of the United States. The Trek called the Westerner 2 was organised by a company called Trek America, which specialises in small group adventure holidays.

This website describes our amazing adventure and includes many photos we took along the way in the Gallery section of the site.

If you have any comments it would be great to hear them! E-mail me at jonsmithN0SPAM@mail.com. (Remove the N0SPAM part). You can also check out my main website: www.jonwsmith.com.

Latest Updates:

26th December 2004:
All photos I have are now available in the gallery, that's a total of 1517! They appear in the order they were taken independant of which camera they taken with.

Danni and Perrine's photos uploaded to the gallery.

24th December 2004:
Helen's photos uploaded to the gallery.

18th December 2004:
Karen and Karin's photos uploaded to the gallery.

10th November 2004:
Jon's photos uploaded to gallery

25th October 2004:
Gallery in working state! Now needs testing.

10 September 2004:
Problems with domain registration resolved.

02 September 2004:
Created login code and signed up to MidPhase hosting.

01 September 2004:
Web Site layout designed.

Planned Updates:

I have so much more to do to this site! Unfortuantely I do not have much time to spend updating the site at the moment due to the amount of work I need to do for my degree :(

I plan to add a guestbook, diaries section and tips section to help fellow trekkers.

I still need to upload the movies into the gallery!